Who is Fig Loans?

Fig is a small, passionate team dedicated to providing affordable financial products to working-class Americans. We help you build credit and solve urgent cash needs, all while being 60% more affordable than our competitors. We believe in fairness, empathy, and transparency.

Our founders met in business school and quickly bonded over a shared interest in using their business expertise to solve problems distressing American communities. After learning about how many abusive practices existed in online payday lending, they decided to do more research on a potential solution.

In 2014, our founders started Fig Loans as a collaboration between Fig and United Way THRIVE in Houston. Using input from non-profit financial coaches affiliated with Family Houston and United Way, Fig began offering the traditional Fig Loan, envisioned as the first of many responsible financial products all geared towards helping people regain access to traditional credit sources. If you're interested in learning about our entire journey, check out Fig's Texas Story

Today, our team is bigger, and we serve more states than Texas, but our mission remains the same: we want to be the honest lender that you can turn to in times of crisis, and who will help get you to the next step in your credit journey. Ready to apply? Go to https://www.figloans.com/app/email!

FYI, Fig only has one Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account, and will never contact you asking you to send bank transaction fees or other cash deposits. If you think you've received a suspicious email, please reach out service@figloans.com!

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