Will Fig work with me if something unexpected happens?

Fig is a little like Olivia Pope (any Scandal fans?). We're here to help you when things go wrong. We were not only designed as an emergency loan, there to help you when you have an unexpected car expense, dental bill, or whatever has stretched your budget unexpectedly—we've also shown our understanding of the effects of unexpected disasters.

When Hurricane Harvey devastated our home city of Houston in 2017, we showed our willingness to get creative so that our community's loans did not become a burden during their time of need. In addition, we leveraged our partnerships with local nonprofits, such as United Way THRIVE, to direct our community to helpful resources in their area.

Our customer service team also handles credit disputes and credit reporting, and we have the advantage of being a small team, so we can come up with creative solutions when life gets tough and demands innovation. If something happens to you that you think will affect your ability to repay the loan, please reach out! We're here and eager to help.

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