Why was I not approved?


We understand that if you've come to Fig, it's because you need a loan. We truly wish we could offer everyone needing help a loan, however, sometimes we cannot approve applications for a variety of reasons.

The reason for your denial will be stated in your denial email. If you do not receive a reason in that email, please contact our service team at service@figloans.com, and we will be happy to talk through your denial further and answer any questions you may have.

Here are a few things we consider when evaluating applications:

  • Identity information (Is there another account in our system with your information?)
  • Account balance
  • Income size
  • Consistency of deposits
  • Number of returned checks or insufficient funds (NSF) fees
  • Number of open loans with other lenders
  • Size of open loans
  • Previous history with Fig
  • Active military member or a family member of one
  • State regulation is preventing us from lending to the applicant
  • Identity check with Clarity Services



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