How can I cancel my application or delete my account?

We get that sometimes you submit an application, but then don't need a loan!

We are happy to cancel your application provided your loan has not yet been funded (see cancel loan). Please note that we cannot cancel declined applications, but they won't affect your FICO score or appear on your credit report.

If you want to cancel an approved application, contact us or let the loan offer expire, which it will after 48 hours.

If you want to cancel a pending application (where bank verification has not been completed), contact us or let it expire after 7 days.

We cannot, unfortunately, delete your account as we are required by law to keep a record of all information submitted as part of any Fig loan application. In addition to being required by law, keeping your information helps us to protect you, as we can ensure that nobody using your unique information is able to use it to get a loan in the future. However, we safeguard every customer's information like it is our own.

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